Bruker Solid-State NMR Symposium at Rocky Mountain Conference

Please join us for breakfast and an informative symposium featuring the latest news and developments in solid-state NMR.

When: Sunday, July 13, 9:00 – 12:20

Where: Bighorn 1, Copper Mountain Conference Center

Space is limited so reserve your spot today!

Topics will include:

  • Latest news from Bruker
  • TopSolids - automation and solid-state NMR
  • DNP updates
  • Materials research
  • Structural biology – high field, high MAS rotation rates

Space is limited so reserve your spot today.

With best regards,
Your Bruker Team.

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Time Topic Presenter
9:00 Registration & Breakfast
9:30 Welcome and TopSolids J. Struppe, S. Wegner
9:40 Measurement of Relaxation Time Constants from Ultra-Wideline NMR Patterns R. Schurko, University of Windsor
10:00 High-resolution 33S MAS NMR at natural abundance S. Wimperis, University of Glasgow
10:20 Probes P. Gorkov, National High Magnetic Field Laboratory
10:40 Interfaces and local dynamics in polymer-nanocomposites U. Scheler, Leibniz Institute of Polymer Research, Dresden
11:00 Break
11:15 High-throughput characterization of polymers by DNP MAS NMR F. Blanc, University of Liverpool
11:35 DNP update S. Pawsey
11:55 Long-Observation Window, Band-Selective Homonuclear Decoupling L. Mueller, University of California - Riverside
12:20 END
1:00pm Football Worldcup viewing at Copper Mountain

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