Online Courses from Bruker

Bruker invites you to stay connected and join us in the coming weeks for this free online training series. Our applications team will provide learning opportunities on different technologies, demonstrate exciting new applications, offer practical guidance and chat with you about your questions and ideas.  The courses are being offered on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday for the next several weeks.

Tuesday, May 12

Join this webinar to learn about Cytosurge's unique FluidFM technology and its implementation in Bruker's latest AFM platforms to study bacteria and cellular applications.

In this training we will introduce the XPM App and demonstrate the treatment of smaller and larger property maps acquired on a TI 980 Nanoindenter.

Wednesday, May 13

Join this webinar to learn how nanoscale IR spectroscopy and imaging can bring new insights into your material science research.

Join this online demonstration to learn about AFM in electrochemical environments and nano-electrical measurements in liquid.

Thursday, May 14

Join this online demonstration to learn about metrology with stylus profilometers.

This webinar will provide an overview of the different AFM modes for characterization of nanoscale elastic and viscoelastic properties including PeakForce QNM, Fast Force Volume, Contact Resonance and NanoDMA.