Elemental Bio-Imaging by Means of Tabletop Micro-XRF

Elemental Bio-Imaging by Means of Tabletop Micro-XRF

X-ray Fluorescence
This webinar took place on October 09th 2014

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Micro-XRF spectrometry is a well-established method for the non-destructive elemental analysis of inhomogeneous material. Its full potential for the analysis of biological samples, however, is just starting to be utilized.

Promising fields of application include the analysis of biomaterials, e.g. implants in their biological environment, toxicological studies about nanoparticles in organs and the distribution of metal-containing pharmaceuticals in thin tissue slices of human or animal origin. With its spatial resolution in the range of 20µm and ppm level sensitivity, Micro-XRF is perfectly well-suited to investigate elemental distributions at the tissue level. It also represents an ideal complimentary technique to other analytical methods in this segment, as for instance Laser ablation inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (LA-ICPMS).

Special guest of this webinar will be Prof. Uwe Karst, Chair of Analytical Chemistry, University of Muenster. He is one of the first users utilizing tabletop Micro-XRF for bio-imaging applications. Prof. Karst will present exciting examples of his work.

Who should attend?

  • Researchers working in bio-imaging
  • XRF users interested in new applications of the method


Dr. Andreas Wittkopp
Business Manager Micro-XRF – EMEA Region, Bruker Nano Analytics, Berlin
Prof. Dr. Uwe Karst
Chair of Analytical Chemistry, University of Muenster, Germany