Strengths of the M4 TORNADO FP Quantification

Strengths of the M4 TORNADO FP Quantification

X-ray Fluorescence
Keeping Performance even with Primary Filtering - Focusing on Steel
This webinar took place on August 25th 2016

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The M4 Tornado combines the micrometer spatial resolution and its mapping capability with a powerful set of analytical tools for qualitative and quantitative analysis. While usually XRF quantification is a two-step process of deriving net peak intensities and from these calculating the sample composition, the quantification algorithm of the M4 Tornado integrates both steps. Based on an assumed sample composition the resulting XRF spectra are simulated (forward calculated) using fundamental parameters (FP). This approach incorporates multiple physical effects like self-absorption and secondary excitations. Compared to the classical algorithm, the novel scheme has several advantages. Strong peak overlaps and pronounced absorption effects are treated to the best of knowledge, providing more robust results, because a larger set of fluorescence lines can be used for the quantification.

The calculation routine also include the excitation parameters in the evaluation, allowing to analyses samples under individually optimized condition, as for example by using primary filters to reduce effects of diffraction peaks. The software allows working standard free but can also be used as a standard supported FP. These combine the best of the two available quantification approaches: The precision and confidence of a standard supported quantification with the flexibility of working with only one, or even none reference material, provided by the FP.

The webinar will be rounded off by a 15-minute Q&A session where our experts will answer your questions.

Who should attend?

  • Quality control specialists assuring composition of metal samples as well as failure analysis in industry and material research laboratories
  • Researchers in R&D 


Dr. Max Buegler
Application Scientist Micro-XRF, Bruker Nano Analytics
Falk Reinhardt
Application Scientist Micro-XRF, Bruker Nano Analytics