My Story: Andrea, Applications Team Leader

„I first came in contact with Bruker’s mass spectrometry solutions during my post-graduate studies in the 1990s at Braunschweig University of Technology, after completing my studies in Food Chemistry.“

For Andrea, it was an inspiring experience to work with a technology that was up-and-coming then and is now playing such an important role in chemical analysis. At Bruker, her primary role as an Applications Team Leader is to advise and support sales colleagues and customers in all matters of mass spectrometry applications throughout the end-to-end sales process.

What she especially likes about her job is the frequent contact with customers and other Bruker Application Specialists from all over the world. Andrea has already met some of her international colleagues in person when she traveled to India and Japan. It is important for her to connect with other experts to exchange about experiences, challenges and solutions.



My Life

I studied for diploma in Food Chemistry at Braunschweig University of Technology and completed my studies with a state graduate in this discipline. During my post-graduate studies at the Institute for Food Science, I was given the opportunity to use Bruker’s HPLC and HPLC-MS mass spectrometry, which was groundbreaking in chemical analysis in the late 1990s.

Today, HPLC mass spectrometry is a leading technology and I am not only working with it but also contributing to its development by conducting onsite testing for our customers and giving feedback to my colleagues from Application Development. I appreciate that my input is often considered and requested because it can help solve problems and enhance sales success. I’ve been at Bruker for 15 years now, which is good proof that I’m satisfied with my job and the variety of tasks I am entrusted with.



My Role

Quality, precision, user-friendliness, sensitivity and performance of products, software and applications have critical influence on buying decisions to be made by customers investing in high-quality and cutting-edge technologies. My task as Applications Team Leader at Bruker Daltonics in Bremen is to help them decide what makes sense in their particular case – and what does not!

My role in every project starts at the pre-sales phase. I provide our sales team with useful technical information and answer their questions on technical issues and latest developments. Then we prepare on-site test-runs at the customers‘ facilities which are conducted to prove quality and performance of products. I also frequently connect and exchange via intranet with colleagues from all over the word to keep up with latest market developments, so we can quickly respond to customer requirements, which is crucial for the success of Bruker’s worldwide sales team.