Metabolomics Tools

Nowadays, profiling complex samples using high-resolution NMR and mass spectrometry is a routine task in many metabolomics laboratories. With software solutions tailored for metabolomics Bruker provides all tools to quickly pinpoint relevant biomarkes using statistical methods. Subsequently, target compounds can be identified using spectra libraries.

De novo identification of unknown metabolites is enabled by making use of complementary information from MS and NMR - turning data into knowledge.

The AMIX software fully integrates spectroscopic and statistical analysis of NMR, HPLC and LC-MS data to pinpoint target metabolites of interest. MetaboScape is the ideal platform for fast and comprehensive multivariate statistical analysis of MS data, and OPUS is the leading software for measurement, processing and evaluation of IR, NIR and Raman spectra. 

AMIX also contains all necessary tools to build up your own NMR spectra bases or to use Bruker‘s commercial spectra base. The LibraryEditor enables to build your own MS(MS) spectra library and to query already existing ones.