Proteoform Profiling - Reveal another proteome dimension by profiling intact proteoforms

Peptide based quantitation is a very sensitive approach but it is blind to some essential biological events such as protein proteolysis. By combining Full Sensitivity Resolution with the True Isotopic Pattern (TIP™) capability of Bruker’s UHR-QTOF systems, accurate measurement of intact proteins is readily available, even in complex mixtures.

The Dissect™ and SNAP™ algorithms extract the accurate mass and intensity information to perform a direct label free approach on intact proteins.

Statistical analysis of label free protein profiling study
Statistical analysis of label free protein profiling study Volcano plot displaying quantitative results.
Dissect™ processing of a CSF extract separated with a 20 min gradient recovers more than 120 coelution peaks, corresponding to more than 800 distinct proteoforms.
SNAP™  algorithm
Deconvoluted intact protein spectrum after 5.2 min. The monoisotopic mass was calculated using SNAP™ that takes the experimentally determined very accurate isotopic pattern (True Isotopic Pattern) into account Pattern) into account.