Bruker’s AFM solutions let you understand the function of your samples.



In today’s world, even a seemingly simple object like a tire is in reality a technological marvel of nano-engineering in the mixing of specific polymers and fillers. Understanding these and other complex systems on the nanoscale is crucial for the design process and for the never ending endeavor of designing new products on ever smaller scales.

Quantitative nanomechanical analysis in conjunction with high-fidelity topographic measurements is one of Bruker’s methods of unraveling the function of complex materials.


From modulus measurements in the mega- to gigapascal range, adhesion and frictional maps, calorimetric and electrical data, correlated nanoscale AFM, and Raman spectroscopy to three-dimensional morphological plots with sub-nanometer accuracy, Bruker has the AFM solution for your problem.

For investigating the functionality of nano-structured material, especially the so-called novel meta-material, in different wavelength ranges, the FT-IR serves as a powerful tool as it can easily measure the bulk optical response in reflectance and transmittance modes. This technique is well-established in the photonic industry.