Accuracy in quantitative X-ray mineralogy - Part 1

XRD Lab Report - Fe-ore certified reference materials

Fe-ore certified reference materials, Lab Report

X-ray diffraction (XRD) is a method for determining the mineralogy of ore. The combination of a fast detector integrated in the XRD instrument with TOPAS quantitative phase analysis (QPA) allows standard-less analysis within minutes even with a desktop instruments.

Basic results in iron ore analysis are amount and type of the iron bearing species for general quality and grade control of the run-off mine material. Knowing the gangue minerals and their composition determines the necessary steps of beneficiation before further processing of the ore. The oxidation state of iron can easily be calculated from the quantitative XRD result this determines the CO2 footprint of iron plants.

The typical accuracy of QPA for well crystalline samples can be better 1 wt-%. This is proved by comparing the QPA result to traditional chemical analysis.