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Strain typing made easy

Individual molecular fingerprints

IR Biotyper is a Fourier Transform Infrared (FT-IR)  Spectroscopy system measuring the vibrations of carbohydrate constituents present in many molecules such as glycoproteins. This FT-IR spectrum is a highly specific fingerprint allowing the identification of microorganisms on the subspecies level as for example Streptococcus pneumoniae subtypes.

The principle
The IR Biotyper analyses IR spectra in the wavelength range as indicated by the
colored spectrum area. Spectra are then analysed further for specific subspecies


Not for Use in Clinical Diagnostic Procedures.

Software made for hospital hygiene

The IR Biotyper system includes SW for system control and automatic measurement of spectra. Management of isolate metadata, creation of runs and data exploration are performed with the IR Biotyper software which features inter alia:

  • customizable metadata (biological: MLST, PFGE, virulence factors, resistances, etc.; as well as: location, isolation date, matrix, etc.)
  • easy measurement run creation via templates
  • easy project creation in order evaluate isolate relationships
  • data exploration with hierarchical cluster analysis (HCA) and result display as dendrogram or distance matrix which can be exported in PNG data format
  • two metrics (Euclidean & correlation) and four linkage types (single, average, complete, Ward's) available


Consumables for easy sample preparation and quality control

The IR Biotyper kit includes prepared suspension vials for effective preparation of samples with short hands-on time and bacterial test standards for quality control.