Leica EBSD Webinar Aug2020

Advanced Material Characterization in SEM with EBSD Analysis

This webinar took place on August 18th 2020

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Electron Backscatter Diffraction (EBSD) is a well-established scanning electron microscope (SEM) based technique used for material characterization. Microstructural organization (crystallographic information) of the material is assessed by analyzing diffraction patterns to determine the crystal orientation, characterize grain boundaries, provide information about the local crystalline status, as well as identify and distinguish phases when combined with EDS measurement.

Good specimen preparation is key to analytical electron microscopy techniques such as EBSD, since electron diffraction is generated within a few tens of nanometers of the sample surface.

In this webinar, we present advanced yet straightforward sample preparation solutions for semiconductor and material research applications. Corresponding EBSD measurements are achieved successfully, allowing the complete microstructural characterization of challenging materials. We also demonstrate the preparation of electron transparent sample required for analyzing ultra-fine-grained material by Transmission Kikuchi Diffraction (TKD) technique.

This 45 min webinar will conclude with a 15-minute live Q&A session where our experts will answer your questions.

Who should attend?

  • SEM microscopists interested in advanced analytical techniques for material characterization
  • EBSD users of all levels


Dr. Laurie Palasse
Dr. Laurie Palasse
Senior Application Scientist EBSD, Bruker Nano Analytics
Ms. Angela Hu
Sales & Applications Specialist, Nanotechnology, Leica Microsystems (SEA)