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Recent Advancements in Infrared Nano-imaging with Nano-FTIR Spectroscopy

with guest speaker Prof. Markus Raschke
This webinar took place on July 08th 2020

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In this webinar, Professor Markus Raschke, Dept. of Physics/JILA, University of Colorado will discuss recent progress in infrared nano-imaging and -spectroscopy and enabling novel applications to image function in molecular electronics, perovskite photovoltaics, in liquid/in situ bio-imaging, and for molecular quantum metrology.  The webinar will also cover the new enabling technical advances with Bruker’s new nanoIR 3s Broadband system for scattering SNOM for nano-chemical imaging.


Dr. Markus Raschke
Dr. Markus Raschke
Department of Physics and Department of Chemistry, JILA, University of Colorado