Single Crystal X-ray Diffraction (SC-XRD)

In-situ Crystallography (ISX) Stage

From Automated In Situ Crystal Screening to Structure Solution

Our newly developed, fully motorized ISX stage enables the fully automated screening of samples in crystallization plates.

The combination of the sensitive PHOTON II CPAD detector and a high intensity X-ray source maximizes the diffraction signal from even the smallest, most weakly diffracting crystals.

The ISX software provides an intuitive user environment to maximize the productivity of even occasional users.


  • Versatile stage for in situ plate screening mounts on each D8 VENTURE with KAPPA sample stage
  • Suitable for installation in crystallization lab: completely air-cooled, single phase power, compact, X-ray safety certified
  • Compatible with all SBS format multi-well plates (optimized low background plates are recommended)
  • Fully motorized
  • Job queuing for unattended screening of multiple samples, e.g. overnight
  • Compatible with conventional low-temperature devices
  • Access to all wells in one setting
  • Add or remove the ISX stage in less than five minutes

ISX Stage in motion

Service & Support

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  • Planned maintenance, according to your requirement
  • Customer on-site repair and maintenance service
  • Spare parts availability typically over night or within a few working days worldwide
  • Compliance services for installation qualification, operational qualification / performance verification
  • Site planning and relocation
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