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Long-Term 3D Fluorescence Imaging of Living Specimens

Dedicated to live imaging, the Luxendo InVi-SPIM is a microscope that has been optimized for long-term 3D fluorescence imaging of living specimens. Easy access to the sample chamber, maximized photo-efficiency, and short illumination times enable long-term imaging without harming live specimens.

The optical configuration combined with the fast acquisition speed of InVi-SPIM enables 3D reconstruction, tracking of cellular and subcellular positions, and morphological analysis in real time.

Typical applications of InVi-SPIM are in toto imaging of small animal models such as whole mouse embryos, imaging of dynamic processes in mammalian cell culture applications, and even live imaging of intact and living plant models.

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MuVi Inverted Image graph
  • Inverted microscope configuration
  • Easy access to the sample chamber
  • Sample chamber and immersion medium separated
  • Illumination objective: 10 x @ 0.3 NA, H2O immersion
  • Detection objective: 25 x @ 1.1 NA, H2O immersion
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Imaging with highly sensitive sCMOS cameras

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MuVi Fast Image
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MuVi Flexible Full Image


  • Customizable laser combiner, up to 6 positions:
    445 / 488 / 515 / 532 / 561 / 594 / 642 / 685 nm @ 50 mW
  • Simultaneous 2 channel recording
  • Fast 10 position configurable filter wheel per channel
  • Customizable and easily changeable sample carrier

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Scanned light sheet

  • Adjustable light sheet thickness: 2–8 µm
  • Flexible light sheet area

2 Detection modes

  • Area mode for fast and high sensitivity imaging
  • Line scanning mode for background suppression
MuVi Scanned Image
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MuVi Controlled Image


  • Small sample chamber volume
  • Autoclavable, biologically inert sample chamber
  • Accurate temperature control
  • Optional environmental control (CO2, O2, N2)
  • Easy sample accessibility for e.g. patch clamp, photoactivation/photoablation
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Luxendo InVi SPIM Top Sample image
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Luxendo InVi SPIM Top Side tool image
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