A Complete Optical Workstation for In Vivo Multiphoton Imaging

The Ultima IntraVital is designed specifically for intravital imaging, with fully motorized control of the objective X-Y-Z position, as well as two axes of rotation for precise imaging orientation.  A second scan path enables simultaneous imaging and photoactivation.  An optional high-speed resonant scanner brings video-rate imaging to the platform.

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Ultima IntraVital Ultima IntraVital 2 photon microscope

2-Photon Imaging Designed Specifically for In Vivo Applications

Image at any angle with motorized orbital nosepeice and benefit from large, flexible sample area. Configure system to wide range of live samples, from invertebrates to primates.

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Ultima Intravital high efficiency photon collector v1

High-Efficiency Photon Collection and Detection

Image deeper and faster. Ultima IntraVital maximizes signal to noise and collects more photons. The resonant scanner option enables high-speed imaging without sacrifice.

Simultaneous Imaging and Photoactivation

Incorporate optogenetics.The Ultima IntraVital utilizes a spacial light modulator to provide 3D real-time control of neuronal activity.

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