SI BrickScan

SiBrickScan (SBS) Silicon Ingot Analyzer

SiBrickScan (SBS) is a dedicated at-line system for the FTIR quantification of interstitial Oxygen in complete Silicon ingots, resulting in a concentration profile along the longitudinal axis. Accessing this information without sawing wafers or test samples is a major and cost saving advantage.


Get Valuable Information to Check and Optimize Product Quality

Knowing the Oxygen gradient of Si ingots enables important conclusions helping e.g. to control and optimize the Silicon crystallization process or to identify batches of bad raw material. Therefore SBS will help to save costs by optimizing product quality and reducing the amount of defective wafers. The random sampling of individual ingots does strongly reduce sample preparation efforts and provides relevant information much earlier.

Highest Sensitivity by State-of-the-Art FTIR Spectroscopy

Interstitial Oxygen quantification by FTIR spectroscopy (ASTM/SEMI 1188) is a well-known and important analysis method, but limited to thin Si samples in the low mm range. SiBrickScan (SBS) overcomes this limitation and is the first commercially available completely dedicated system to determine the Oxygen gradient in complete ingots along their major axis without the need of time-consuming and destructive thin sample preparation. SBS makes smart use of a related infrared overtone absorption band combined with reliable and state-of-the-art Bruker FTIR technology.

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