verTera THz extension

The unique verTera extension upgrades the famous VERTEX 80v to the first and only combined FTIR/continuous wave THz spectrometer.


In addition to the unmatched VERTEX 80v FTIR performance and flexibility, the verTera extension provides access to the single digit wavenumber regime and highest resolution without the need of cryogenically cooled components. This would be impossible for a conventional FTIR setup since bolometers at liquid Helium temperatures would be required. verTera offers a lot of exciting possibilities:

  • Integrated state of the art cw THz technology
  • Spectral range down to 3 cm-1 (< 90 GHz)
  • Unique spectral resolution < 0.0007 cm-1 (< 20 MHz)
  • Same sample compartment & accessories for FTIR and THz
  • Highest THz performance by vacuum & unique THz algorithm
  • FTIR and THz controlled via powerful OPUS software

State of the ART CW THz Technology:

verTera makes use of high precision semiconductor based photomixers, converting near infrared laser light into THz radiation. Source and detector are integrated into the VERTEX 80v beam path and the class 1 NIR laser radiation is connected via fiber and vacuum tight feedthrough.

Highest THz performance by vacuum:

Vacuum operation eliminates unwanted atmospheric interferences and provides utmost stable conditions, resulting in significantly higher THz performance.

Highest Resolution by Unique THz Data Processing:

The standard approach to extract just the extrema of the oscillating photocurrent signal strongly degrades spectral resolution. Only verTera uses a unique algorithm achieving a significantly better effective spectral resolution < 0.0007 cm-1 (< 20 MHz) similar to the applied THz step size.