micrOTOF focus II TOF-MS

La solution performante à formule moléculaire

Le micrOTOF II est l'excellence en matière de performances et de flexibilité lorsqu'on fait appel à cette technologie.

La vérification de formules moléculaires, la production de formules "De novo", le dépistage de cibles multiples, la découverte de biomarqueurs et l'analyse de protéines intactes ne sont que quelques exemples des nombreuses applications qui peuvent être confiées à des systèmes TOF-MS performants.

Une résolution exceptionnelle et une grande précision massique s'associent à de vrais profils isotopiques afin de déterminer des formules de totalisation sans  ambiguïté ou des chromatogrammes d'ions extraits à forte résolution avec une masse de l'ordre de <2 mDA en association avec diverses applications (dont la HPLC, l'UHPLC, la CE et même la GC).

A resolution of >16.500 FWHM (typically 18.000 FWHM) and a mass accuracy of <2ppm makes the micrOTOF II the reference instrument in its class. This performance was achieved by development of new ion optics in combination with improved calibration routines.

A wide variety of ion sources makes the micrOTOF the most flexible instrument in the market. ESI, ESI-nano, APCI, APPI are just a few examples for possible ionisation techniques. The newly developed GC/APCI source enables the coupling of a LC or a GC on the same instrument. Even laser ionisation with outstanding selectivity and sensitivity is possible.


TIP™ – True Isotopic Pattern with SmartFormula algorithm

Replacing the former approach of just using the measured mass for formula determination, the micrOTOF II adds a second dimension into the routine: Analysis of the isotope profile provides the so-called “True Isotopic Pattern” (TIP) which is matched against the measured spectrum – leading to results with significantly increased confidence.


Powerful software environment

The Compass software environment handles all aspects of system control and data handling with an intuitive and easy-to-use graphical user interface (GUI). The LC/MS workflow can be fully automated with a simple method approach. Compass integrates the micrOTOF II with all popular HPLC and nanoLC systems to match your separation needs.

The micrOTOF II system can be adapted to an “Open Access Environment” covering typical aspects of multiple users with various samples.

Applications micrOTOF focus II

Pesticide Screening

Multiple-Compound Pesticide Screening:  Accurate and reliable screening for the presence of pesticides in food is a major analytical task. The increasing number of pesticides poses special analytical challenges, with hundreds of different pesticide targets assessed during the screening of each sample.

For further information: Food safety


Forensic Screening

The screening for drugs of abuse in human, equine and canine urine, saliva and other body fluids is a key application in many governmental and non-governmental laboratories.

Rapid, unambiguous detection and identification of drugs and related compounds in numerous samples are essential prerequisites for forensic drug screening. Since positive samples returns can have severe consequences for the tested person / animal, it is of utmost importance to acquire reliable data.

For further information: Forensics


Service & Support

Bruker Daltonics services are performed by factory trained and certified engineers. DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 requirements are fulfilled


Available services include:

  • Help desk service for a faster access to our support team, to your service order follow up and for general information
  • Planned maintenance, according to our requirement
  • Telephone support from highly-skilled troubleshooting professionals, to isolate and resolve hard- and software problems
  • Web-based remote instrument service for service diagnosis and applications support
  • Customer on-site repair and maintenance service
  • Spare parts availability typically over night or within a few working days worldwide
  • Compliance services for installation qualification, operational qualification / performance verification
  • Site planning and relocation
  • Advise to improve labs efficiency (consumable, method development & how to run the complete solution)

For Research Use Only. Not for Use in Clinical Diagnostic Procedures.