proteineer fc II lc-maldi fraction collector

The PROTEINEER fc II is a liquid handler for post column MALDI preparation of LC separated peptide fractions.

The system collects samples from Nano- and Capillary-LC systems and deposits them on PAC™ Prespotted AnchorChip targets, MALDI AnchorChip™ targets, or well plates for offline MS and MS/MS analysis. A supporting liquid (e.g. matrix solution) can be added directly to the LC-flow prior to deposition onto the MALDI target via sheath flow.

The system offers up to four positions in MTP format for MALDI Anchor Targets or well plates. Each position is equipped with transponder antennas for automated sample tracking and target identification. Separate positions are used to hold matrix or washing solutions and to locate a rinse station for probe cleaning and rejection of eluent.

All relevant data for larger proteomics projects - including gel data, mass spectra, process parameters, and search results are organized by the sophisticated ProteinScape™ software. It supports both, Gel based proteomics and LC-based proteomics workflows like 2D-LC-MS/MS, LC-ESI, LC-MALDI as well as Quantitative Proteomics based on both, stable isotope labeling (SILE) and label free methods.