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The Bruker HMDB (Human Metabolome Data Base) Metabolite Library is exclusively provided by Bruker and was generated in collaboration with Prof. Liang Li and Prof. David Wishart and their teams at the University of Alberta, Canada.


The Bruker HMDB Metabolite Library is a manually curated mass spectral library that facilitates the identification of metabolites in (human) metabolomics research. The library is stored on your PC providing private search capabilities and contains MS and MS/MS spectra and additional information on >750 reference standards. Compounds were selected from the Human Metabolome Data Base (HMDB) and include metabolites found in urine, blood, other biofluids, and cell extracts.

Data for the Bruker HMDB Metabolite Library were acquired using pure reference standards. All compounds were measured on an impact series Q-TOF high-resolution mass spectrometer using 5 different collision energies levels.


All spectra were manually inspected to remove noisy spectra and contaminant peaks. The masses of precursor and fragment ions were corrected to match the theoretical mass values and isotopic pattern distributions.


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