X-ray Micro CT, Software

Software for analysis and visualization by surface rendering

CTAN: 2D / 3D Image Analysis

SKYSCAN "CT-analyser" or "CTan" analyses micro-CT datasets in 2D and 3D for morphometry and densitometry. It is an intuitive and comprehensive environment for processing and analysis of datasets, accurately generating the quantitative data that is the final objective of micro-CT scanning and analysis.

The software features include:

  • Import and output of dataset in tiff, bmp, jpg
  • Angular resampling of datasets to any solid angle
  • Advanced region and volume of interest (ROI, VOI) selection tools
  • Measures 3D distances and angles
  • Creates maximum intensity projection (MIP) images
  • Calibrates and measures density as HU, BMD or attenuation coefficient
  • Image processing functions such as smooth, despeckle, morphological operations etc.
  • Switch between general scientific and bone morphometry (ASBMR) parameter names
  • Programmable stacking of functions (“scripting”) for customised and automated analysis
  • Analysis of integrated structures within VOI in 2D, 3D
  • Analysis of all individual objects within ROI/VOI in 2D, 3D
  • Parameters measured (including 2D and 3D):

    • Object (pore, particle, etc.) or “bone” volume
    • Object or “bone” surface
    • Structure or “trabecular” thickness
    • Structure or “trabecular” separation, number
    • Structure Model Index (SMI)
    • Fragmentation index or “trabecular pattern factor”
    • Euler number
    • Degree of anisotropy by MIL, eigenvalues, eigenvectors and stereology
    • Fractal dimension (Kolmogorov)
    • Moments of inertia (x, y, polar, product), Eccentricity
    • Cortical periosteal perimeter (outer perimeter of tube)
    • Cortical endosteal perimeter (inner perimeter of tube)
    • Detailed analysis of porosity

  • micro-CT software downloads
  • Short list of measured parameters (PDF)
  • Detailed description of measured parameters (PDF)
  • Automated batch analysis
  • Measurements validated by real and virtual phantoms
  • Creates 3D models by several rendering algorithms, in formats including STL

CTVOL: Realistic 3D visualization by surface rendering

“CT-volume” (CTVol) uses triangulated models from “CTAn” and provides a virtual 3D viewing environment, flexible and rich in features, to give you a wide range of options for 3D presentation of micro-CT results.

“CT-volume” allows:

  • Movement and rotation of single and multiple objects
  • Selection of background color including scenery
  • Selection of viewing position and angle
  • Model movements by mouse or using selected steps
  • Control of object texture, color, lighting and opacity
  • Cut along a selected plane to reveal internal structure
  • Resampling of a dataset in any 3D orientation
  • Stereo viewing using glasses with color filters
  • Semi-automated creation of animated “movies”
  • Export uncompressed or compressed movies (*.avi).
  • Export triangulated volume in STL-format for 3D printing of physical models.
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