EPR in Pharma

EPR in Pharma

Electron Paramagnetic Resonance (EPR) spectroscopy is the only technique for the direct and non-invasive detection of unpaired electrons in paramagnetic species (free radicals and transition metals), which has many applications in the pharmaceutical industry. In this collection of application flyers, you can learn how benchtop EPR can be used to solve a variety of questions.

I. Detecting and Evaluating Degradation

Therapeutic drugs require a well characterized shelf-life to ensure correct dosage and patient safety.

II. Optimizing Stability and Shelf-Life

Forced degradation (stress testing) is routinely used in pharmaceutical development to predict the stability of drug products that affects purity, effectiveness, and safety.

III. Reaction Monitoring

Reaction monitoring is critical for process understanding, optimization and scaling up, leading to cost savings and ensuring the quality of the final product.

IV. Sterilization Processes

APIs, excipients, final drug formulations, laboratory equipment, and medical devices, may need to go through a sterilization process.

V. Paramagnetic Impurity Profiling

All drugs contain impurities that can arise from the drug substances (APIs) or inert materials (excipients).


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