Accessories & Options

Enhance and Tailor your EPR Spectrometer System

To further enhance your experimental freedom, Bruker BioSpin provides an assortment of EPR spectrometer accessories and options. This section summarizes the most common accessories and options. To list them all would certainly go beyond the scope our web presentation. Please contact us for further information, also in cases where you would need a tailored solution.

Pulse-EPR Accessories:

     Multi-frequency and Multi-resonance upgrades for pulse systems.

EPR Imaging:
     Magnetic field gradient coils and resonators for X-band Imaging.

Sample Temperature :
     A Range of Temperature Control Solutions

Sample Tubes & Sample Handling :
     including flat cells, AquaX, Goniometer, and UV irradiation system

Magnetic Field Tools :
     NMR Teslameter, Digital Lock, and Marker Accessory

Infrastructure & Environment :
     Heat Exchanger and Chiller