Extend the capabilities of your pulse-EPR system

S-Band FT Upgrade

Bruker BioSpin offers a diverse range of accessories to enhance the capabilities of the ELEXSYS pulse-EPR spectrometers (E580 and E680).  With mulit-frequency and muli-resonance capabilities, a new realm of experimental techniques are available for probing the paramagnetic species and its environment.

Multi-frequency pulse-EPR:

  • disentangling the magnetic field dependent and independent terms
  • electronic g-factor resolution
  • nuclear spectrum resolution
  • selection of motional time-scales

Multi-resonance pulse-EPR:

  • measure electron-electron spin distances
  • measure electron-nuclear spin distances
  • manipulation of nuclear spins


  • frequency definition for each pulse
  • high resolution phase setting
  • pulse shapes within shot
  • pulse amplitude control within shot