For all NMR Tubes w/o Racks

  • Standard 7‘‘ tubes with or without spinners
  • Short 4‘‘ tubes without spinners
  • Tube diameters: 1 mm, 1.7 mm, 3 mm and 5 mm (Other tube styles upon request)
  • Short 4“ tubes in wellplate format disposable


  • Central laboratories
  • Laboratories aiming for high throughput
  • Laboratories using standard wellplate format
  • Laboratories working with multiple tube diameters
  • Open access laboratories with many users

Maximum Versatility

  • Concurrent Batch and open-shop operation
  • Tubes, caps and racks compliant with commercial laboratory environment and tools (liquid handlers, fridges, autoclaves, etc.)
  • Spinning and Nonspinning capability (3 and 5 mm)
  • Compliant with standard reference samples
  • Virtually infinite re-measurement of same sample with identical sample tube handling (spinnerless samples)

Full Flexibility

  • Sample loading of individual samples and/or racks at any time
  • Open-shop sample submission and processing at any time even during batch processing
  • Manual sample injection into magnet
  • Easy access for LT/HT, HR-MAS samples or CryoFit operation
  • Customizable operation (weekend, night, day)

The SampleJet

SampleJet Function