LC-SPE-TT (Tube Transfer)

Integration existing LC-SPE systems into the standard NMR workflow using NMR tubes.

The Bruker Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) System allows collection of fractions from a chromatography system onto SPE cartridges. For NMR measurement the collected samples are eluted into a CryoFit located in a CryoProbe. In a combination of the LC-SPE system with the SamplePro Tube liquid handler it is possible to collect the samples into NMR tubes.

This solution becomes more popular. It does not require to convert the NMR spectrometer into flow mode, but the main advantage is the effect that the sample is available in a NMR tube that can be melt closed, is available for measurement for a longer time and can be integrated into the normal NMR workflow of including the NMR Sample changer and in combination with any other samples.


All features of the SamplePro Tube are available in the LC-SPE-TT configuration, i.e. usage of EXCEL for batch processing, combination with arbitrary other preparation tasks (addition of reference compounds, …). Typically 2-3mm Tubes are used to collect the Samples. The tube type must be adapted to the configuration of the NMR sample changer. The capability to operate with 1.7mm SampleJet tubes allows measurement with highest sensitivity in a TCI 1.7 mm MicroCryoProbe™ CryoProbe, which is not accessible via flow nmr solution.