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Two-channel NMR system for proton and carbon operation

Bruker delivers affordable NMR for all your common applications in chemistry education and chemical analysis

The Fourier 300HD spectrometer is a proton carbon only, high resolution NMR with all the features critical for routine NMR for the organic chemist bundled into a convenient package. The Fourier 300 HD replaces the former Fourier 300 electronics, which ceased production in 2016.

This state-of-the-art instrument includes

  • Dual 1H and 13C Probe with Z-Gradient and automatic tuning and matching „„
  • Selective excitation capability „„
  • 1D, 2D and multi-dimensional NMR „„
  • Industry standard Topspin 3.5 with IconNMR „„
  • Full computer control of all shims with TopShim™

Available Options

  • 24 position SampleCase autosampler: Together with the standard ICON-NMR, ATM, TopShim and remote access this transforms your instrument into a convenient and safe high throughput machine under full automation. „„
  • Extended software library: The structure verification tool CMC-assist and structure elucidation program CMC-se complete your sample to structure process.
  • „„VT control and VT-gas pre-cooling: Brings you improved temperature stability at the sample and a VT range of 0°C to +150°C.
  • Need more nuclei? Upgrades to multi-nuclear capabilities are available at any time at a later stage.