Software for Hyphenated Experiments

An open concept that can be used for many types of experiments

HyStar™ coordinates experiments when a liquid chromatography system is coupled with spectroscopic methods like NMR or MS. HyStar controls the chromatography system instruments, which interface in diverting the solvent flow into the spectrometers or intermediate collectors.

The HyStar concept is an open concept that can be used for many types of experiments. At a basic level it can be used to control a chromatography system and, in a more complex setup, an LC-MS system. In an LC/MS-SPE-NMR setup, HyStar triggers sample collection in solid phase extraction cartridges, based on chromatograms reconstructed from MS data. The sample is then transferred into a flow NMR probe and the measurement of the NMR spectra initiated.

Systems controlled by HyStar

  • Agilent (most 1100/1200/1260 series instruments).
  • Waters (AQUITY™ UPLC).
  • Hitachi (LaChrom Elite® HPLC System).

    MS and NMR spectrometers:

    • Bruker Avance NMR spectrometers.
    • Bruker Daltonics ion Trap MS
    • micrOTOF/MicrOTOF-Q Time-of-Flight mass spectrometers.