High Performance Integrated Gradient and Shim Systems

MRI Gradients

An increasing number of preclinical MR imaging applications demand ultra-high magnetic fields with increased requirements to gradient and shimming technology. Bruker BioSpin MRI therefore is introducing the BGA-S series, a complete new series of high performance actively shielded gradient systems with integrated shim coils.

Superior performance on the following major characteristics can thus be achieved:

  • Ultra high gradient strength
  • Very short gradient slew rates
  • Excellent gradient duty cycle (independent of shims and gradients)
  • Optimal gradient linearity
  • Very high gradient shielding quality
  • Maximal shim strength

The new BGA-S series is available for BioSpec® and PharmaScan® systems.

* Output values have been measured on MRI systems

MRI Parallel Imaging
Rat brain (in vivo) TR: 3500 ms, TE: 8 ms, voxel size: 3.5 x 3.5 x 3.5 mm³, Shim: Fastmap: 1H-line: 10.5 Hz, Cr/PCr: 12 Hz, Coil: Transmit: 72 mm, receive: Quad. rat brain