Neurodegenerative, Stroke, Addiction, Psychiatric

High resolution PET is required for accurate quantitative measurement or regional changes in brain activity. This is critical in studies where brain subregions are differentially affected by diseases, psychoactive agents, and where validation of new tracers is being made. Image details:

  • In the example provided 18FDG metabolic activity of cerebral cortex, Harderian glands, and jaw muscles is clearly resolved
  • MicroCT well defined skull, sinuses, and jaw structures


Metabolism, Inflammation, Perfusion, Functional Imaging

High resolution cardiac imaging is critical for resolving features of cardiac disease in small animals, including plaques and ischemia.

Image Details:

  • Normal mouse - 4 slice coronal plane PET/CT
  • 18FDG heart right ventricle clearly resolved
  • MicroCT (200 µm) with lung and heart shadow



Tumor Biology and Tracer Validation

Excellent CT soft tissue contrast of tumor margin facilitates accurate analysis of tracer uptake and kinetics. High resolution PET shows true variation in tumor heterogeneity.

Image Details:

  • Xenograft tumor mouse. 4 slice axial plane PET/CT
  • 18FDG tumor metabolic activity and bladder is clearly resolved
  • MicroCT (200 µm) with tumor margin visible
Si78 oncology

Total Body Imaging

Tracer Dynamic Imaging Kinetics

Total body PET allows for kinetic modeling potentially using anatomically distant input functions.

Image Details:

  • Normal mouse PET/CT with organ atlas
  • 18FDG & microCT (200 µm)
Si78 MIP1

Lung Imaging

Pulmonary: Oncology, Fibrosis, Emphysema

  • Standard (left) versus respiratory gated (right) microCT

Bone Imaging

Skeletal: Bone Density, Orthopedics, Metabolism

  • Normal Sprague-Dawley Rat · MicroCT - spine, skull, growth plates, and dental structure

Obesity and Metabolics

Fat/Lean Mass, Brown Andipose Tissue

Image Details:

  • LepOB (6 wk.) obese and control mice imaged weekly
  • MicroCT and tissue segmentation and quantification with longitudinal disease progression
Si78 obesity