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InSight CAP Compact Atomic Profiler

Production-Based Depth Metrology

Bruker’s InSight CAP automated atomic force profiler is specifically designed to be a combined platform for CMP and etch metrology for semiconductor manufacturers and suppliers. The InSight CAP system features 300 mm automated handling and proven GEM factory automation software.

InSight CAP provides

  • Industry-leading precision and highest resolution for CMP and Etch
  • Non-destructive metrology that requires no models
  • In-line metrology results in minutes, suitable for technology development
  • Small footprint and flexible configurations for optimum cost of ownership


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Insight CAP Dual
Insight CAP

Superior Metrology

At advanced technology nodes, multipattern lithography techniques utilized place nanometer process control requirements on CMP to meet depth-of-focus needs. InSight CAP is built around the latest generation AFM scanner to deliver improved flatness, less than 10 nanometers, over a 65 μm X / Y scan range. The system’s NanoScope® V 64-bit AFM controller offers 5x faster engage performance and 5x faster tuning for increased productivity, all with enhanced reliability. Its DT adaptive scan mode also contributes to faster scanning and improved metrology. With its combination of advanced features, the InSight CAP High-Resolution Profiler enables angstrom-level precision to measure in-macro dishing and erosion.

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InSight CAP Etch depth metrology

Ultimate Value Platform

Flexible configurations to support wafer sizes from 100 mm to 300 mm enable precision measurements for a wide range of end applications. From highly productive labs to fully automated fabs the InSight CAP profiler can be optimally configured for the most cost-effective metrology solution.