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Total Reflection X-ray Fluorescence TXRF

Locating and quantifying trace metal contamination by TXRF is critical metrology for every process step in semiconductor fabs. The JVX73000F-C is the latest Bruker TXRF spectrometer for full wafers and offers quick, non-destructive, in-line and completely automated trace metal measurements, enabling contamination control in device processing. The JVX7300F-C complies with SEMI standards, comes with the user-friendly JV-TXRF software package and is the latest in TXRF technology and tool innovation.


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The TXRF technique gives fabs  a fully automated solution for the monitoring for trace metal contamination while maintaining spatial information on the wafer surface.  Measurements are surface sensitive, non-destructive, fully automated and do not require the use of  hazardous chemicals.  The JVX7300F-C gives users increased measurement options with recipe definable wafer alignment methods which increase throughput and measurement flexibility for silicon and other wafer substrates.

Periodic Element Tube coverage with chartv3

Low Detection Limits

The JVX7300F-C offers a customizable platform with up to 3 simultaneously configured, monochromatic, optical paths. Using 3 different excitation sources ensures the best sensitivity for every element group across the periodic table. The JVX7300F-C also is equipped with the latest in silicon drift detectors, offering excellent energy resolution and lowest background for the ultimate in trace metal sensitivity.

Fast Mapping TXRF

Full wafer maps by Fast Mapping TXRF give information on the quantity of the contaminants and their location on the wafer surface. This information is critical for troubleshooting trace metal excursions and monitoring of trace metal levels at every process step in the fab .

JVX7300F C fastmapping txrf
JVX7300F C Zero Edge

Zero Edge Exclusion

The JVX7300F-C offers mapping capability with zero mm edge exclusion. Wafer edge TXRF measurements give engineers valuable information on trace metal levels in a critical area of the wafer, which is prone to cross contamination through FOUPS and edge grippers.