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Related Literature

Brochures & Datasheets

• Contour LS-K 3D Optical Profiler - Brochure  4 MB
Bruker’s new Contour LS-K 3D Optical Profiler utilizes LightSpeed™ focus variation technology to uniquely enable both high-resolution images and quantifiable data.

Application Notes

• Corrosion Characterization Using Focus Variation - AB572  2 MB
This App Brief discusses rapid and quantitative corrosion coupon surface analysis.

• Improving Cutting Tool Quality with LightSpeed Focus Variation - AB570  2 MB
This App Brief discusses the rapid and quantitative metrology of saw blades.

• Complete Brake Pad Material Characterization with Mechanical Testing and Focus Variation Analysis - AN571  3 MB
Bruker has developed a more rapid and cost-effective means to both test and fully analyze potential materials. By combining benchtop testing of smaller samples with rapid and accurate 3D surface metrology, it is now possible to quickly perform critical analyses before and after testing.