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3D Surface Metrology

3D Optical Microscopy for Medical Devices and Implants

Medical Devices and Implants figure C
Stitched 3D optical microscope measurement of a bifocal contact lens showing form

Orthopedic implants and other medical devices must be precisely manufactured to extremely tight tolerances to ensure a component’s functionality and longevity after fitting or surgical implantation. Critical parameters must be enforced, and defects of every kind must be defined and corrected. Tolerances on measured quantities are often exceedingly small with deference to a component’s functionality and longevity after successful surgical implantation.

These medical implants vary enormously in size, shape, material, and surface finish. With such a wide range of parameters, control of the critical specifications of a part can become a challenge involving many different metrology instruments suited to different tasks.

Medical Devices and Implants figure B
3D optical image showing roughness and shape of a medical-grade syringe tip.
Medical Devices and Implants figure A
A PolyEtherEtherKetone (PEEK) sphere (left) representing a hip implant (left), and the 3D optical microscopy images of the surface before wear testing (top right), and after wear testing (bottom right).

The Contour Elite™ 3D optical microscopes can screen for defects, such as scratches and pits, at user-defined lateral and vertical thresholds, with automatic part rejection and reason logging for faster, better process control.  Even drug coatings can be measured for roughness and thickness, in addition to the material beneath the coating. The Contour Elite  systems are built to handle samples of widely varying shapes and sizes, are insensitive to material type, and have a large dynamic range to measure very rough to extremely smooth surfaces. Contour Elite provides data-rich, three-dimensional images, superior resolution, and repeatability, all of which ultimately provides much greater insight into part performance and functionality.