Capture the Most Complete Quantitative Nanoscale Data

Recalibrate your expectations.

Perform electrical investigation on previously impossible samples.

Hybrid nanocomposites open up new design freedom for tailoring properties. They create new desire for multivariate characterization, and new challenges with hard and soft materials interspersed. As Gutierez et al. state in their study of vanadium and titanium nanoparticles embedded in PS-b-PEO block copolymer:

" [PeakForce-TUNA] allows one to simultaneously map the topography, modulus, adhesion, and conductivity of advanced materials on delicate samples that cannot be imaged with conventional conductive AFM."
- Guiterez et al

FastScan Complete quantitative AFM peakforce QNM v1

PeakForce QNM images of 60 vol % 1:3-V:Ti/SEO nanocomposite reveal densely packed nanoparticles surrounded, surrounded by a single, adhesive phase formed by SEO.

FastScan Complete quantitative AFM peakforce QNM current maps v1

Reproducible current maps correlate to positions of individual nanoparticles.

Reprinted with permission from Gutierrez et al., “Quantitative Nanoelectrical and Nanomechanical Properties of Nanostructured Hybrid Composites by PeakForce Tunneling Atomic Force Microscopy”, J. Phys. Chem. C, 118 (2014), pp. 1206-12. Copyright 2014 American Chemical Society.

FastScan Complete Quantitative Carbon nanotube v1

Electrical investigation where it was previously impossible.

Measure the conductivity of vertical carbon nanotubes. Or nanorods. Or any other fragile sample.

Only possible with PeakForce TUNA.

Carbon nanotube pillar array. Image size 1 micron. PeakForce TUNA current image reveals strong conductivity variation, possibly due to differences in nanotube types, capping, or substrate connectivity.

FastScan Atomic Force Microscope
FastScan Complete Quantitative Realtime Chemical Information v1

Real-time investigation of the chemical information of atoms.

Simultaneous with routine imaging, capture an entire force curve for each pixel.

Capture short and longer range, van der Waals and electrostatic, attractive and repulsive interactions.

On every atom of your sample.

FastScan Complete Quantitative Chemical Info v1