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Indentation and Scratch Length Scale Connectivity from the Microscale to the Nanoscale

Bruker’s 3D OmniProbe extends depth sensing capabilities from the nano- to micro- regime in both indentation and scratch.  The higher forces and greater displacements the 3D OmniProbe is designed to operate with enable micromechanical characterization well suited for rough, thick, or relatively hard films.  Each axis on the 3D OmniProbe is independently driven, and measured, to allow for scratch in any direction and across length scales. The 3D OmniProbe is qualified to perform tribological characterization such as scratch resistance, coating delamination/adhesion, coefficient of friction determination, or wear.  Additionally, profilometry measurements for post analysis deformation of scratches can be performed over distances of 150 mm, or to displacements of up to 80 µm.  

Customizable to Your Testing Needs

The 3D OmniProbe is a high bandwidth transducer which can operate in closed loop feedback in either force or displacement control. The piezoelectric actuation and independently 3 plate capacitive displacement sensing design yields high force but low noise and thermal drift. Each 3D OmniProbe is designed, constructed, calibrated, and tested to meet a user’s needs with respect to normal force and lateral sensitivity, as the heads are tunable from 1 N maximum normal force to up to 10 N to enable measurements requiring large forces.

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