Hysitron TI 980 TriboIndenter | Bruker

Powerful Base Configuration

Maximizing Your Characterization Potential

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In-Situ SPM Imaging

Dual piezo scanners deliver high-resolution surface topography

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Optical Imaging

High-resolution color optics enable easy navigation and test positioning

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2D Capacitive Transducer

Renowned low-noise 2D capacitive transducer technology

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Test Stability

Metrology-grade granite framing assures superior instrument rigidity & stability

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Vibration Isolation

Integrated active anti-vibration system isolates TI 980 from its environment



Hysitron TI 980 Nanoindenter | Bruker
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Environmental Isolation

Multi-layered enclosure protects against environmental disturbances

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Property Mapping

XPM ultrahigh-speed nanoindentation delivers high-resolution

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Dynamic Nanoindentation

nanoDMA® III enables viscoelastic characterization and measurement

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Versatile Sample Chuck

Rapid and reliable sample mounting options

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Performech II

Remarkable advances in control and testing capabilities