Quantitative element mapping

Pitchblende Pb Quant Map
Quantitative single element map
of lead in a pitchblende sample
using a rainbow palette to show
differences in concentration over the
mapped area. The map can be
click-enlarged to its original size of
1000 x 750 pixels
  • Standardless quantitative element mapping for any number of chemical elements
  • Selectable scan area, resolution and scan speed
  • Automatic element identification and predefined or interactively optimized evaluation strategies
  • Arbitrary selection of display color and color intensity for each element map
  • Special color lookup tables (palettes, e.g. rainbow) available for visualizing single element concentration distributions, custom palettes can be generated and stored for reuse
  • Automatic and interactive contrast and brightness control
  • Powerful integrated image mixer for multi-color mappings, background subtraction, or image preprocessing
  • Additive and multiplicative overlaying of electron images, useful for high-resolution element imaging and presentation
  • Automatic image filter for maps
  • Separate filters for maps and electron images.
  • Overlaying of markers, legends and other graphics
  • Interactive determination of lengths, areas, and angles, presented in overlay graphics
  • Export of maps in all common graphic formats
  • Support for twain export and windows clipboard