Precious Metal Recovery

The high cost of precious metals coupled with the cost of precious metals mining presents a significant incentive to recover precious metals from sources such as jewelry and electronics. As a matter of fact, the cost of recovering gold from recycling is less than 50% of the cost of mining gold. Contact Bruker today to learn more about the efficient, highly sensitive Bruker precious metal recovery analyzers.

Precious metal recovery is a term that refers to some diverse and disparate applications. Bruker handheld XRF analyzers for precious metal recovery can handle the entire range of applications referred to by that term, including but not limited to:

Bruker XRF precious metal recovery analyzers are the ideal tools for identifying and quantifying precious metals at every part of the recovery process, including in ore, tailings, incoming scrap, melts, pins, bars, jewelry, etc. Analysis with Bruker analyzers is fully portable, completely nondestructive, and highly accurate; it requires no sample preparation and is appropriate for a wide variety of sample types. Contact our precious metal recovery experts now to get information specific to your needs.