Fields of Application for the M6 JETSTREAM

Historical painting analysis

Homer by Rembrandt, Co K Map
Homer by Rembrandt, Co K map

The non-destructive analysis of paintings is one of the major strengths of the M6 JETSTREAM. Valuable information on the authenticity of paintings can be obtained, as well as for restoration and conservation. More info

Drill core analysis

Line Scan of a Drill Core
Line scan of a drill core

The M6 JETSTREAM is well-suited for the analysis of large geological specimens. This application example describes the investigation of a segment of a drill core.
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Large granite sample analysis

Mosaic image of a granite sample
Mosaic image of a granite sample

Fast elemental analysis of large geological samples with the M6 JETSTREAM is a non-invasive technique that allows to visualize the major and trace element distribution on a macroscopic scale and advanced post processing of the HyperMap data cube.
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