S2 PICOFOX, TXRF Spectrometer, Trace Analysis

Why Wait for Sample Prep – Simplify Your Preparation with TXRF

Total Reflection X-ray Fluorescence (TXRF) is a versatile analytical method, which is suitable for multi-element analysis of any type of sample. Due to an in-factory calibration the spectrum evaluation and quantification is fast and simple. For most elemental analyses sample digestion can be avoided and sample preparation requires just a few steps – as described here for common sample types.

Solid samples can be analyzed quantitatively after grinding and re-suspending. Time- consuming digestion with hazardous chemicals can be avoided.

Direct application of particles or thin layers allows a standardless analysis of the relative element composition.

TXRF: S2 PICOFOX - Preparation of Suspensions and Undissolved Samples

TXRF: S2 PICOFOX - Preparation of Solids for Elemental Analysis

TXRF: S2 PICOFOX - Preparation of Particles for Elemental Analysis