Why the S8 TIGER?

The spectrometer of choice for WDXRF analysis in your industrial application

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Here’s another reason why the S8 TIGER is a superior choice for Wavelength Dispersive X-Ray Fluorescence Analysis

REASON #8 – Fast Sample Loading

The S8 TIGER EasyLoad system makes your work incredibly simple, while eliminating the possibility of sampling errors.

Either insert samples into one of the fixed-position sample containers, or fill a prepared sample tray and start the measurement. EasyLoad automatically identifies the sample type, preventing operational errors, such as the measurement of liquids or loose powders while under vacuum.

EasyLoad features

EasyLoad features

  • Convenient sample handling with 75 positions

    • 20 positions on each of two trays
    • 35 fixed positions

  • Industry-tough handles and trays
  • Direct handling of 51.5-mm rings from automated sample preparation
  • Connection to online belt or robotic sample feed available

Need more reasons to choose the Bruker S8 TIGER?

Reason #5



Easy Operation

S8 TIGER instrument


The Bruker

Reason #11



Precise Analysis