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SCOUT – Automated Cryo-Cooled Protein Crystal Handling

Reliable High-throughput System for Highest Productivity

The determination of protein structures from expression to the final structural model is a highly complex, expensive and time consuming process. It is increasingly recognized that automation of each step of this process is the key to improving success and reducing costs.


The new SCOUT sample changing system automates the crucial process of screening cryo-frozen protein samples to determine their diffraction quality.

  • SCOUT reduces the time to screen samples and also reduces the chances of sample damage during mounting and retrieval.
  • SCOUT helps prepare for synchrotron trips and ensures more successful use of beam time.
  • SCOUT features the latest robotic and cryogenic technologies in a unique, compact configuration.
  • SCOUT’s impressive hardware integration goes hand in hand with cutting-edge software for instrument control and bioinformatics.


This combination of state-of-the-art hardware and software makes SCOUT the ideal choice for crystal screening and data collection.


  • Six-axis robot ceiling mounted in D8 VENTURE
  • X-ray centering with AGH
  • Zero sample icing and low liquid nitrogen consumption
  • Screening, data collection and processing
  • First in-house system incorporating collaborative robot technology
  • Software designed for efficient, ergonomic and intuitive user interaction

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