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S2 PUMA Series 2 - Education


Many professional occupations require extensive knowledge about analytical techniques. Elemental analysis is one of the most common laboratory requirements and as such students have to learn the ropes of XRF technology. However, many labs of higher education institutions also perform research work and as such the instrument must deliver reliable analysis results on a variety of samples.

The S2 PUMA Series 2 with a carousel sample chamber can provide exactly that: A high-performing XRF instrument where students can learn everything they need to know about EDXRF and perform research measurements on all sorts of prepared and bulk samples.

The instrument can be equipped with small-spot collimators, an HD camera, sample rotation, operate under air/helium/nitrogen/vacuum, and comes with a powerful yet easy-to-operate software. The standardless solution SMART-QUANT FP can be used as “as is” solution, but also allows experienced users to customize the algorithm through extensive options.

Different user access levels allow the main user to restrict access according to operator groups. This ensures that less experienced users can not change any important parameters on the instrument’s configuration or on calibrations.