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S2 PUMA Series 2 - Environmental


Increasing sensitivity towards environmental issues makes analytical solutions necessary which can provide reliable elemental data. Applications cover a wide range and are very diverse. Some of the more common requests include the analysis of soils and filtered particles. Other applications might include the determination of lead in paint.

What many of these analysis requests have in common, that several samples have to be analyzed in one batch. To handle larger sample batches, the S2 PUMA Series 2 can be configured with the XY Autochanger.

Here the sample grabber is served up to 20 samples on the EasyLoad™ sample tray, which allows for autonomous analysis but still enables the user to make changes to the sample batch during a running measurement. For the analysis of filters, special-design sample holders are available.

The HighSense™ LE silicon drift detector hereby enables short measurement times through its high count rates, even for light elements. For quick overview analysis on unknown samples, the standardless solution SMART-QUANT FP provides the operator with reliable analysis results with any calibration.