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S2 PUMA for Elemental Analysis in the Petrochemical Industry

Quality Control for Lubricants and Fuels with Accuracy and Precision

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S2 PUMA Performs Elemental Analysis Reliably, Precisely, and Quickly

The range of uses for XRF in elemental analysis in the field of petrochemicals is very broad, ranging through the entire product life cycle of lubricants and fuels. For example, sulfur can be found in crude oil in amounts of up to five mass percent and above, but in lubricating oils only variable proportions ranging from the upper ppm range to percent are permitted, and in automobile fuels only a few ppm.

In order to quickly and reliably determine the quality and quantity of the constituents in such blends, Bruker developed the S2 PUMA: An energy-dispersive X-ray spectrometer (EDXRF) in the form of an easy-to-operate, bench-top device, which can be ideally configured for the kind of analyses that are typical in the petrochemical industry.

Thanks to its user-friendly TouchControl™ with intuitive user interface, users without any special training can perform precise analysis.


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