S2 PUMA Carousel

Measure any sample in minutes: Solid, fused bead, pressed pellet, loose powder, liquid, bulk – simply load it into the sample tray or place your bulk sample directly into the chamber. The S2 PUMA offers the largest sample chamber with dimensions of >45 x 42 x 10 cm. Its carousel tray can hold mixed batches with up to 12 samples of 32, 40, or 51.5 mm size; all samples can be analyzed with sample rotation.

To get an analysis from a smaller area of your bulk sample, small-spot collimators of 1-28 mm spot size are available. The integrated HD camera can be used to adjust sample positioning and for sample verification and the standardless Fundamental Parameter solution SMART-QUANT FP then delivers reliable results even on odd bulk sample shapes.

This makes the S2 PUMA Carousel the all-rounder among the benchtops EDXRF analyzers when it comes to sample versatility.

Any sample

  • Solid, powdered, liquid
  • Bulk, one-piece, or prepared


Small-spot analysis

  • Collimator masks allow analysis of smallest particles within a larger piece of sample
  • Masks for spot sizes from 1 to 28 mm
  • HD camera for sample alignment


Standardless Measurements with

  • Analysis of solid/powdered/liquid/bulk samples within minutes
  • Powerful algorithms for quick analysis results
  • Easy to use push-button solution for elemental analysis
Large sample chamber for all sorts of samples
Large sample chamber for all sorts of samples
Sample chamber dimensions of S2 PUMA Carousel
Sample chamber dimensions of S2 PUMA Carousel