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SampleCareTM Instrument Protection

SampleCare™ is a multi-layer system to protect vital instrument components from contamination. It protects tube and detector from spillage of liquid samples, from particles of solid samples, and from dust.

The detector head is protected by DustShield™, a removable cap with a high-transmission film. In case of contamination, the cap can be removed easily for cleaning or to replace the film, which is done within minutes. The tube is protected by the filter wheel. The sample grabber of the S2 PUMA Series 2 XY Autochanger is equipped with a unique liquid sample detection. This is an additional safety layer to prevent the analysis of liquid samples under vacuum on this high throughput instrument.

This makes SampleCare™ the perfect feature for many industrial applications. It ensures high system uptime, low maintenance cost, and in case of spillage simple cleaning measures to get the instrument back up and running. This means added peace of mind for the lab manager and the operator.

User Benefits

  • DustShield detector head protection for high instrument uptime and easy cleaning
  • Filter wheel for additional tube protection
  • Liquid sample detection (with XY Autochanger) prevents liquid samples from analysis under vacuum and the contamination of the sample chamber
  • Smart-UPS has delicate samples being retrieved from the sample chamber in case of a power outage before safely shutting down the system
SampleCare - instrument uptime and peace of mind
SampleCare - instrument uptime and peace of mind
DustShield for detector head protection
DustShield for detector head protection