S8 LION, Elemental Analysis, X-ray fluorescence

Rapid Free-Lime Quantification in Clinker for Cement Process Control

XRF Lab Report - S8 LION

S8 LION, Lab Report, XRF

Today one of the main aims of successful cement production is low energy consumption combined with a high product quality. An important process parameter is the free-lime concentration in the clinker produced in the kiln process. When this concentration is maintained at a level typically between 1 and 1.5% – the actual value is largely dependent on local conditions – optimum energy consumption with maximum reactivity of the kiln is achieved.

Thus close monitoring of the free-lime concentration in the clinker enables the optimum operating conditions to be exactly determined. When the kiln is run under these conditions, considerable fuel savings and thus a reduction of CO2 emissions can be achieved.

Furthermore, determination of the free-lime content benefits cement quality. An excess of free lime in cement can result in expansion effects.