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Rapid and Complete Technical Support

Bruker recognizes that the decision to invest in high-performance metrology is based on more than instrument performance and price. Reliability, longevity, and future assistance as systems age, needs shift, and applications evolve are also important. Bruker has a highly educated worldwide team of service and support personnel that takes great pride in our record of 100% first-time solution of issues and positive survey feedback.

Our goal is to ensure that your Bruker instrumentation meets the highest standards and is continually contributing to your success.

Our Premium Care provides the most comprehensive support to ensure your instrument is running at peak performance, including an annual maintenance and performance testing visit. Should something go wrong, we have experts available to quickly assist with remote diagnostics and implement the most efficient solution. Depending on the issue, this could range from sending you a part you can replace to shipment of a complex assembly with an expert visit to assist in repair. With Premium Care should you have a failed assembly or part, we will ship you an advanced replacement assembly to minimize your down time.

Bruker’s Standard Care is a budget-friendly alternative to Premium Care that helps keep your instrument running at purchased specifications. This program provides expedited repairs and covers all reliability failures, as well as an annual maintenance and performance check by one of our experts.

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Service Plan Details

Priority technical assistance (phone/e-mail)
Priority on-line remote diagnostic services
Prioritized parts/assembly repairs
Advance replacement parts/assemblies  
On-site repair visit (including travel expenses)*  
No-fault scanner, transducer and sensor repair 25% Discount
Annual maintenance
Software updates
AFM probes discount** 20% Discount 15% Discount
Consumables discount 10% 10%
Online training videos and webinars
Training at Bruker facility 2 Free Seats 1 Free Seat
Training/service visit 25% Discount 15% Discount

To Qualify for Service Program:

A. Instrument is currently under warranty or full coverage service program, or is qualified by Bruker engineer (one-time service charge)
B. Instrument must be a currently supported product 

* Requirement determined by Bruker Technical Support Engineer
** See list of eligible probes